25 Hilarious People Who Can Only Be Described As Extra

When we come across extra people we immediately know it. There is something about them that makes everything an adventure or everything a soap opera.Even though we might roll our eyes when they complain about something, there is a part of us that secretly lov it.Below is a list of 25 hilarious people who can only be described as extra.1. Sister Sign: When a sister was coming home from a school trip she was excited to see her family again. But what she ended up seeing when she saw her sister is a sign that congratulated her on her stint in rehab. This is one hilarious sister that can only be described as extra.2. Friendship: When this girl’s friend got on the ground at the perfect angle to take her photo.Source:Providr

Celebrity Prom Photos That Are More Embarrassing Than Your Own

Graduating seniors celebrate by getting all dressed up and dancing the night away with their peers for the last time.It’s a night to remember, which is why dozens of photos are taken at prom. But I’m sure there are some celebrities who wish their prom photos were never leaked online.If you thought your prom photos were awkward, you’ve seen nothing yet…These four look like they had a grand time at their senior prom. They’re draped in leaves and flowers, which means one thing – this photo was taken at a high school in Hawaii. “It was a really fun, happy time. We were all cracking up, and everyone was smiling,” his schoolmate Kelli Allman. “It was pretty typical from there out as far as what happens at prom: the dinner and the dancing and the photos.”

Shannen Doherty Trying To Stay Positive After Tumor Test Comes Back “Elevated”

Shannen Doherty, best known for her work on Charmed and 90210, made a devastating revelation in August of 2015.”Yes, I have breast cancer, and I am currently undergoing treatment,” she said. “I am continuing to eat right, exercise and stay very positive about my life. I am thankful to my family, friends and doctors for their support and, of course, my fans who have stood by me.” It was hard for fans to watch Doherty, someone they admired so much, go through something so trying. Known for her strength, the actress tried to stay positive throughout the entire process. She had two rounds of chemotherapy to try and beat the disease, which caused her hair to fall out. “After my second treatment, my hair was really matted, like in dreadlocks. And I went to try and brush it out, and it just fell out,” she recalled.”

Save Your Scraps: Plants You Can Easily Regrow At Home

Now that gardening isn’t as popular as it once was, people are happy to buy fruits and veggies from the store, and waste plenty of useful scraps. I bet you never even realized that your kitchen leftovers can be recycled into fresh produce. In fact a lot of plants can be regrown right on your kitchen counter. 1. Basil. Basil is one of the easiest plants to regrow, because you can get a reliable, endless supply of this herb from just one plant. 2. Onions There are a few handy methods for growing onions from leftovers. The root end of an onion will grow new, whole vegetables when it’s planted in the soil. 3. Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes take a little extra effort to grow, because they sprout from “slips,” slim, green shoots that grow on the potatoes.

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Dramatic Transformation In New Photos And It’s Stunning

When we first met Christina Aguilera, she was just a little girl chasing her dream of becoming a pop star.She was only eight years old when she won her first talent show. A year later, in 1990, she made a name for herself as a child star on the talent show Star Search. Sadly, she did not win first place; a boy by the name of Christopher Eason did, but she did end up becoming a superstar anyway.Growing up in Pennsylvania, Christina was a prominent figure at Pittsburgh sports games. She performed the national anthem before hockey, football, and baseball games. Then in 1992, she was tapped to perform “The Star Spangled Banner” at the Stanley Cup Finals.The following year, when she finally met the minimum age requirement, Christina joined Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club, and performed musical numbers as well as sketches alongside stars like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling.

David and Victoria Beckham’s Son Refuses To Let Diagnosis Keep Him From Success

Raising children is never easy, especially if one suffers from a chronic condition. Parenting doesn’t come with a rule book, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do the best they can. Even if you’re a celebrity, parenting isn’t any easier, as they still hold the expectation to raise their kids to become kind, respectable, and responsible adults. Sometimes there are struggles when their offspring get unruly, but other times the circumstances are out of their control, which in turn can make them feel helpless in caring for their child. David and Victoria Beckham are no different, especially when they were faced with their son’s devastating medical diagnosis. But let’s rewind on their story. Before the pair met, David saw Victoria in the music video for the Spice Girls’s 1996 hit song “Say You’ll Be There.” He was instantly smitten.“That’s the girl for me and I’m going to get her! She’s my idea of perfection,” David reportedly said to his former teammate Gary Neville.

John Stamos Welcomes First Child, And The Name Will Make You Say “Aww”

Full House star John Stamos and his new wife, actress Caitlin McHugh, have added a new chapter to their Disney-inspired fairy tale, and it’s the most adorable yet.The couple’s story started around two years ago, but they kept their relationship under wraps for a while before going public.A few months into their romance, Stamos dropped a hint that he had a girlfriend while appearing on The View.“The other night [during a concert], I grabbed my phone ’cause this girl I’m dating … she loves this song, ‘Disney Girls,’” the actor explained. “So I put on FaceTime. … I thought I could get away with but people were tweeting, ‘Who are you FaceTiming?!’” About a year and a half later, in October 2017, the lovebirds announced their engagement. Stamos, 54, proposed to McHugh, 32, while they were vacationing at their favorite theme park, Disneyland.

3 Behind The Scenes Secrets Of The ‘Alaskan Bush People’

Drop a camera crew into the Alaskan wilderness and film Billy Brown, his wife Ami, and their seven children as they fight to survive in the bush. Sounds like a great idea for a reality TV show, right? Well, Alaskan Bush People has attracted a major fan following, but the Brown family’s life in the wild isn’t as real as the show makes out. In fact, fans have poked holes in the family’s wild image for years, and we have the scoop. 1. Noisy neighbors. How isolated are the Brown family from the rest of civilization? 2. Nice digs The Browns boast that they built their rural cabin which they built with their own two hands, but they may not actually call the shack their home sweet home. 3. Matt almost died on set. The Brown family’s oldest son, Matt, injured himself very badly in a bizarre accident that wasn’t even part of the show.

This Is What It Means If You Have Moles On One Of These 7 Places On Your Body

Do you have moles anywhere on your body that you’ve disregarded your whole life? Most people have some form of mole or beauty mark on their bodies, but have probably never really paid much attention to them.Well, the placement of moles on your body can actually mean something about the type of person you are. If you’ve never really thought about the placement of moles on your body, you may be interested to find out.Keep on reading to find out what the mole on your body might say about the type of person you are, and let us know if you agree!1. If you have a mole on your temple, it could possibly mean that you have the opportunity to travel in your future, or that you have been given an opportunity in the past to travel.Source:Providr

22 Hilarious Pictures Of People Who Were Caught Staring!

Eyes speak louder than words, yes, you can know a lot about a person from his eyes. From fear to anger to sadness to joy and so on, eyes can reveal all human emotions easily.Eyes speak louder than words, yes, you can know a lot about a person from his eyes. From fear to anger to sadness to joy and so on, eyes can reveal all human emotions easily.Eyes speak louder than words, yes, you can know a lot about a person from his eyes. From fear to anger to sadness to joy and so on, eyes can reveal all human emotions easily.Eyes speak louder than words, yes, you can know a lot about a person from his eyes. From fear to anger to sadness to joy and so on, eyes can reveal all human emotions easily.Source:viralsquare